Visual Stylings of a Geek Master

A little bit of a disclaimer here: I am a self-proclaimed Geek Master. I have not passed all the trials, so invariably I will fail at some point in my knowledge. That just means that I get to learn something new!

Also, I am not (yet) a professional artist in any capacity. But please don't rip off any images posted here... at least not without giving credit where credit is due! My intention is to post original images that came from my mind (with some obvious influences). I may post images from other artists as well, but full credit will be given to their work -- because they did it, not me!

With that being said, please enjoy the submissions! If you see something you like, please feel free to comment. If you have an idea or suggestion, I'd love to hear those too. Oh, and check out my gallery over at deviantArt, as well. You can find it by clicking here ---> deviantArt.

Edit: Link is now working!.... but sadly, no images uploaded just yet.... There is now a single image posted in my gallery! It's not much... a commission for a friend... but more is on the way~! Feel free to check out the site though!