Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thank the Maker!

Good Ladies and Gents of InternetLand,

Below is a long-promised post. I'm sorry for the delay.... Really, I am! If you saw today's earlier post, you'll see that I've been working on other things too!

I originally watched this... in... um... well... it was a while back. So if some thoughts seem unfinished... it's because I don't recall the specific thought from the time of first writing. As of this edit, the documentary listed is still available. I strongly urge you to check it out!

With out further ado, continue on past the jump to read the original post!

Out of the Ashes

Hello InternetLand!

Like the proverbial phoenix... (or Terminator) I'm ba-a-a-ack!

Well, we'll see how often I can actually post in succession. I wanted to give you a few updates on what's gone on since last year (!!!). <--- Yeah, it's been a FULL YEAR since I posted last!

I still have a post from back then that I need to polish up a bit, but that can wait for another day.

So this last year has been full! Some of the highlights include: learning about copyright laws, jury duty, getting tattooed, and getting back on stage. Just to name a few (that I can recall right now)! For some details, continue on past the jump.