Friday, September 27, 2013

Sing! Sing a Song...

Hello InternetLand!

How goes the world now?

The last time we talked, I announced I would be searching for new employment. Well... the search continues. But I have several prospects out there. I hope something bites... and soon.... Bills are piling up....

But on a happier note: I am really enjoying getting back into theatre! Rehearsals have helped to keep me busy and out of that funk. I've even gotten ambitious enough to start riding my bike to rehearsals... a 5 mile round-trip trek. Granted that's not too spectacular... but it makes me feel like I'm actually doing something good for my body and mind at the same time!

I've been doing a bit of self-discovery as well. One thing I've found out: I don't go completely nuts over celebrity. I really have no idea what that could mean, though.... During my searching, I have re-discovered Pandora... and in some cases YouTube. I have also found that I really enjoy music with a strong baseline. Okay... that's not a new revelation.... I've always liked heavy beats.... It's no surprise that bands like Skrillex (I guess he's not really a "band" per se) or Daft Punk are a big draw for me.

A friend suggested the intriguing sounds of Emelie Autumn. (Thanks Cat!) Admittedly, a bit of her musical styling's meaning was a tad lost on me... but she has an incredible sound that compliments her lyrics and grand melodies very well! Pandora suggested another female vocalist that was similar. Her music could be described as sultry, rock-dance-pop, edgy, engaging... or a myriad of other descriptors. She's been around for a while, but recently started gaining popularity here in the States. I didn't put things together until Pandora let me create a "station" based on her style... but my first encounter with her music was possibly many others as well. That song is "Lights" by Ellie Goulding.

Check out the music video below:

The only reason I bring that up is because someone once asked me what my life soundtrack is. I chuckled at the time thinking "Weird Al" was pretty much it.... But then I realized we all incorporate music to some degree into our lives. Be it from radio stations, online sites like Pandora or YouTube, CD's (or their predecessors vinyl!!!), or even making up our own songs. That got me thinking about why we do that.

Why music means so much to us.

If you look at nature, everything makes some kind of music. Crickets, cicadas, and the like make "music" to attract mates. Lighting bugs, ants, and butterflies "dance" for similar reasons. Even our "cousins", monkeys and apes, have some kind of rhythmic communication. It doesn't make sense to us as humans, but as animals (which we are!) we can appreciate the beauty in the most encompassing form of communication. We even talk of the "rhythm of life."

I think it comes so natural to all beings because it is the most simple, honest form of communication. We can communicate our love, hate, anger, sadness, loneliness, joy, exuberance for life with others in a form that anyone can understand. Whether or not they catch the meaning... well maybe we're just not communicating in the same language then.... Which leads back to lightning bugs.

They go out, flashing their lights to attract their mates. They don't think about (I'm assuming) whether their light is brighter than that other bug's, or if two flashes then one long one is better that one long one then two flashes.... They just pick their method... and do it! If it works, awesome! If not, we'll they'll keep doing their thing until it does. Or some kid catches them then puts them in a glass jar. Even then, they'll keep doing their thing.

So where's the connection? Make your music. Do your thing. Enjoy your quirks. Forget about the rest. Those that like your song will find you. Even if it's just to put you in a glass jar.

Yeah, so that might not have been as profound as what it sounded like in my head... but hey! That's my song...!

What's yours?

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