Sunday, August 17, 2014

YouTube Channel Surfing

Hey there InternetLand!


Another post, in such a short time?

Yup. I'm feeling like trying to make this a weekly thing. Sundays may be the best for that! I don't really have anything to write about today, but I'm throwing this post up just to get in the habit. I started a completely different thread that just went on... in rambling fashion that just made absolutely NO sense.... So I restarted.

I really do not have anything to post about.

Nope. Wait.... Just had an idea! I'll throw some of my favorite YouTube channels up here for your consideration! Head on past the jump for a rundown!

This channel really doesn't need my help to get viewership.

Everyone has heard his name. Everyone has heard at least one of his songs. You probably have your own favorite of his. Recently, he changed the way he marketed his material, due to his 30+ year contract coming to an end. Being the socially-savvy gentleman that he is, his methods prove extraordinarily effective.

I'm not sure if this is his "official" channel, but it definitely has proven effective and is one of my favorites. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the music video YouTube channel of the one and only "Weird Al" Yankovic!!!

Because I'm a giant nerd, geek, dork... whathaveyou... this next channel is right up my alley! What makes it cool is this one is filmed locally (well... at least local to me). From my understanding, their channel has been a long time in gestation. It showcases a group of guys just hangin' out, discussing all things geek, from movie reviews, to reactions on current events and implications on geek culture. They don't have too many episodes up, yet, but that means that NOW is the time to get involved! Ground floor entry!

Check out their show, Nerd Barrage! And guys, if you read this... and you're taking applications for guests on the show... consider this my official submission!

The last channel I'll showcase today is another musical channel. This guy can do amazing (and geeky!) things with his voice.

When was the last time you played a video game that the theme song got stuck in your head and you just had to keep humming it...? This guy takes it to the next level (no pun intended...). He covers the themes from 8-bit classics like Pokemon and Super Mario Bros., to modern games like Minecraft and Final Fantasy (<-- yes that one was around in the 8-bit days, but his covers are more recent ones). Everything is a cappella. He does all the parts. And the results are quite impressive!

So if you want to take a trip down video game memory lane, and be entertained at the same time, please check out the YouTube channel of the amazing Smooth McGroove! Even if you don't go for the music, at least go for his cat! Who can resist the charm of a cat!??!

So there's a few YouTube channels I like that you should too! Oh, in case you're interested, I looked up the term a cappella, not because I didn't know what it meant (which I'm sure most people do...) but because I was interested in the history of the word/phrase itself. First known use was in the mid- to late-1800s by the Italians to mean "in the manner of the chapel". Probably based on the monks chants which were typically sans orchestral accompaniment. The spelling can vary too, from the classically "correct" of a cappella (with two Ps), a capella (with one P), and even acapella/acappella (with both one and two Ps). It just boils down to if you're 'Murican and decide that ain't nobody can't tell you how ta spell whut'chu want, or British and choose to use the traditional, socially accepted vernacular in order to have the correct pronunciation as per the rest of the settled world.

Anyway, that was a fun little side note. And probably a good one with which to finish this post.

Thanks for reading! Like, share, comment, subscribe... send hate mail... what-evs....

Just remember:

Stay Classy, Interwebs!

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