Friday, August 15, 2014

Internetland: The World's Dumping Ground

Hey there Internetland!

Long time no talk!

How ya been? Swell!

Me? Oh you know, the same... I promised to post stuff... then life happened and I didn't. Last time I posted, I was working on a show for The Guild Hall Players in KS (<-- yes that's a real place!).

I thought now might be a good time to get some sh!t off my chest.

Sometimes you just gotta take a dump. Both literally and figuratively.
Have you ever just wanted to quit? I mean just drop everything and walk away? I'm not talking suicide, but for some, that can be their definition. (And no, I'm not going into that subject here. That will be for another day.)

I snapped tonight. For no real reason. Just lost it. It wasn't very long. I didn't hit or physically injure anyone or anything. It was just a boil over. Not that it makes it okay.

Something inside my head just said, "f*ck it all."

I asked a rather innocuous, and some might even call it a conversation starter, question. The response was just as benign. But for some reason, I chose to take extreme offense. I didn't do anything about at first. It wasn't until shortly after that exchange. I don't even remember the full string of events that led to the explosion... but it happened.

All I recall is trying to coerce my dogs into coming inside, making a statement about not being able to find one of them... then BAM! Everything unleashed like a water balloon filled beyond it's legal limit then pierced by a needle.

I have no clue where the anger and rage came from. I wasn't sitting on any particular piece of frustration. It just was... there. And no, Internetland, I have not been drinking.

I started a, ok... re-started on a migraine prevention medicine recently. I've taken this before, a couple years ago. And stopped because... well... I don't really remember why. It worked. But... But there was something that was off.

Effectively, it's an antidepressant. And those, for the few of you out there that don't know, mess with your brain. More specifically, this one is supposed to help with certain pain receptors. Problem is: you start messing with something as complicated as a brain, there's bound to be side effects.

Maybe tonight's explosion has to do with that. Maybe it's my body trying to tell me that I just need to get some bad juju out of my system. Maybe I just wanted to pick a fight. Maybe, just maybe, it's the rare male phenomenon known as... (cue ominous music) MALE PMS!!!

Come to think of it, I haven't had a period since... well... never.... But that's beside the point.

Sometimes you just want to get rid of some sh!t, and the only way to do it is quickly. And violently. But there's always a price.

It helps to have a CONSTRUCTIVE method to getting rid of said sh!t. I'd like to think that this blog is pretty good for that. You could say it's an online feels toilet. Or not.... Cause that's kinda gross....

Really? A big, world-wide shite collector? Eww! Who would have to clean it? There's gotta be stains left behind.... Talk about serious skid marks!


Thanks for being there. A guy has to unload sometimes.... (Keep it clean-ish, kids....) Feel free to comment. Who knows?  You just might have to dump some sh!t too!

Stay classy, Interwebs!

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